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God inspired men

Illiterate fishermen

Inerrant Bible

Acts 4:13, Inerrancy of the Bible

Augustine said that “…the authors [of scripture] were completely free from error.” Many Christians today believe that to be so but some reject that the Bible is inerrant. This adds to my confusion, of course. God inspired men and Jesus chose uneducated, illiterate fishermen to follow him (Acts 4:13). However, the authors of the Gospels were highly educated, Greek men. Most Christian Apologists will say that the Bible is inerrant only in the original autographs (manuscripts) which do not exist. If Jesus were around when the New Testament was written, I believe that he would have corrected the errors.

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

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I love traveling with my wife all over the world. I enjoy the study of nutrition and cooking plant-based meals. I consider myself a Christian agnostic when it comes to god and religion. Namaste, Vic

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