Nine and a Half Commandments

The Bible says to

Honor mom and dad or else!

Mom cries silently

i can’t tell if my mother is

terrified or in love with

my father it all

looks the same

i flinch when you touch me

i fear it is him

Rupi Kaur

I remember hearing the shouts and rumbling through the walls of my bedroom at night. And worst of all, I remember my mother crying, silently, as if she was holding back so she wouldn’t wake my brother and me. I remember never wanting to be like my father, at least the abusive part of him. He did have a loving side to him, but I’ll never forget the abuse my mother had to endure. If God insists on honoring a father who treats my mother the way he did, then I’ll be in line to go to hell.

Image by justraveling from Pixabay

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I love traveling with my wife all over the world. I enjoy the study of nutrition and cooking plant-based meals. I consider myself a Christian agnostic when it comes to god and religion. Namaste, Vic

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