Tithing Your Way to Heaven

God needs your money

He will bless you with riches

Scratch my back doctrine

To develop enduring faith, an enduring commitment to be a full-tithe payer is essential.

Russell M. Nelson, Accomplishing the Impossible: What God Does, What We Can Do

Quid pro quo – something for something. The Prosperity Gospel has become a huge thing in the Protestant church over the years. This practice (is it a doctrine?) ensures that financial blessings and physical well-being are the will of God for those who participate in the financial and well-being of the church. My church stressed tithing, or giving at least 10% of your income to the church to be in good standing. The Catholic Church used to sell “indulgences” to reduce the amount of punishment for your sins.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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I love traveling with my wife all over the world. I enjoy the study of nutrition and cooking plant-based meals. I consider myself a Christian agnostic when it comes to god and religion. Namaste, Vic

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